One of the most challenging thing about starting up your own business is answering the key question of whether your ideas will work and are you risking too much to begin the journey for perhaps a venture that might not took off. Every person that wants to begin their first venture face this question irregardless of what age you begin or how experience you are in a commercial careered life.

This program is all about helping entrepreneurs to understand what ideas work and what ideas don’t and what you need to really think through – from the perspective of people that has both failures and success in their tow.

One of the most challenging periods for any Startup or early stage company is the commercialization phase of the business. Having a great idea is just the start but commercializing the business is one area in which many companies fail and this leads to the huge rate of market failure of startups. Companies at this stage also need to often look for sources of funds to continue to finance their Start Ups and this means talking to and presenting their business to potential investors – be it Angels or VCs.

This program has been designed to help companies overcome the main hurdles in commercializing their product or service and covers four important areas that often lead to commercialization failure:

1. Business Model Design
2. Intellectual Property in Business
3. The Right Perspective on Marketing, cialis Social Media and Sales Pitch
4. Investor Pitching

Participants will learn how to create a strategically differentiated offering and how to ‘position’ the business in the market. You will also learn about important guidelines when performing marketing activities, healing learn how to better manage your Intellectual Property risk and how to prepare and pitch to investors. Participant will do a mock up pitch to a ‘panel’ of potential investors at the end of the program and actual feedback will be provided to their business overall and pitch performance.

Building a better company today is founded on the right business model, tadalafil having effective strategies, good management practices, efficient use of resources and the latest on-target marketing practices. At the same time, innovation for today’s business is a must if it is to grow into a better company, to compete more successfully, to build brands and to gain exceptional margins of profitability.

Business Value Innovations today are not limited to only hard innovations such as product or technology breakthroughs. Soft business value innovations that deal with business models, operating & logistic practices, marketing & design strategies and management of resources are sometimes more important than hard innovation, as shown by Dell and Apple. Soft innovations that matter to customers make a difference in how the company will continue to perform and succeed in the market.

This is a 3-Phase Intensive Group Coaching Program incorporating our trademarked ‘Implementable Forward Action Plan’™ that is created to help you better understand your business and create implementable action plans to improve your business effectiveness, innovation and business model. It as an action oriented program that involves your entire management team in planning for the future success of your business.