MENTOR-FOR-GOOD #ProficeoCares

Proficeo champions the motto ‘Be the Change you Wish to See’ in the world.

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‘Mentor-For-Good’ is intended to provide a platform to grow more “connectedness” within the Proficeo ecosystem. To date, this ecosystem consists of more than 2,260 individuals consisting of Alumni, coaches, professionals and industry partners. As part of Proficeo’s Pay-it-Forward culture, the Mentor-For-Good platform provides an avenue for regular and curated mentoring sessions to share experiences, networks and expertise whilst enabling this ecosystem to connect and enrich one another.


Whatever your area of interests or experience, we have a wide array of entrepreneurs who would love to connect with you.

Who can be a Mentor?

  • I.Entrepreneurs (with at least 3 years running your business).
  • II. Professionals in (Legal, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Digital Marketing, HR, PR etc).
  • III. Executives from corporate or consulting background.

What is required from a Mentor?

  • I.Willingness to share experience and expertise with Malaysian entrepreneurs.
  • II.Willingness to set aside time to mentor entrepreneurs.

Mentor-For-Good is an on-going initiative. If you have the passion to help, spend time, connect with entrepreneurs then you are the person we are looking for to join us.

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All Entrepreneurs are welcome to register and connect with our community.

Who is a Mentee?

  • I.Founders who want to connect with other founders or mentors to gain understanding on tech, industry or business insights.
  • II.Founders who seek guidance and knowledge in understanding specific subject matter e.g. Legal, HR etc.
  • III.Aspiring founders that want to learn from others' successes (and mistakes).

What is required from a Mentee?

  • I.Commitment - please make sure you make yourself available when you book a mentor and do not cancel at the last minute.
  • II.This platform is a trusted network. Please do respect other members who are on the platform.

How Does This Work?


Sign up and create a profile to share who you are.


Find mentors with specific skills or experience that you want.


Reach out to potential mentors and book their time.

Find out how mentoring can help you to achieve your goals. Apply now!

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Mentorship helps the mentee by providing access to mentors with experience in specific businesses or industries.


Mentorship provides mentees with a platform to connect with mentors who have specific skill sets or areas of expertise.


Mentorships help the mentor/mentee to expand professional connections and networks thereby enriching both mentors and mentees.