SocialGrooves - Digital Marketing Agency
Established in 2015
Social Groove Solutions Sdn Bhd is the go-to integrated digital marketing agency serving clients across Asia Pacific. We pride ourselves with our ability to be bold, flexible and goal-oriented in the work that we've done for some of the top major brands around the world. We are known for our creative content development, trending 360 campaigns, influencer marketing and handling social media crisis. We invite you to work with us if you're looking to receive world-class digital marketing solutions while receiving benefits of a driven local boutique agency. is a SaaS solution for organisations who face difficulties connecting to their fans, members or clients. With the ability to send push notifications, we have seen our users increase activity with their members as it is the best way to grab the attention of their members compared to E-mails, Facebook, Instagram or even SMS. also offers ability to share rewards and announcements via push notification. It's like giving any organisation the ability to have their own BonusLink card system, affordably! We can't wait to onboard us as your preferred digital loyalty management system.

Awards / Achievements / Certification

CGP5 - Outstanding Business Turnaround Award 2021

Wins Bronze for the 2019 Marketing Excellence Award in Mobile Marketing


Christopher Tock - Founder


Bukit Tunku, Kuala Lumpur