BlackGrid - Data-Driven Search Engine Marketing Firm
Established in 2018
BlackGrid Media

We are a data-driven search engine marketing firm. Started in Los Angeles, California in 2015 and now we are expanding in Malaysia to help serve the SMEs with our expertise utilizing predominantly search engine optimization (SEO).

Awards / Achievements / Certification

MDEC IDE Certified


Nabil Rasyad Bin Abdul Jalil - Founder


Ampang, Kuala Lumpur


I have been in the Internet Marketing arena for several years, and SEO is always the most desired skill of any internet marketer. When choosing an SEO for your project you must be very selective in who you choose because there are so many “bad apples” in the bunch. Choose the wrong one and your whole project could be destroyed. I say all that to say that you WILL NOT go wrong if you choose Nabil as your SEO. So do yourself a favor and contact Nabil for your next project! | Jason Healey

What makes BlackGrid a serious contender in a highly competitive industry is that its proprietor, Nabil, has his methods boiled down to a science. This means he delivers effective results in a timely manner. Nabil has always strived to provide clients with a tailored approach, rather than the ‘cookie cutter’ route offered by many providers. I heartily recommend you talk to him about your next project. | Jason Kendall