Proficeo designs and conducts coaching programs for entrepreneurs. Our programs are C-Level Intervention Programs and are designed especially to propel Startups into Scaleups.
Our vision is to mould ecosystems around the entrepreneur and facilitate the creation of a structure whereby all stakeholders within the ecosystem are working together in a unified and focused manner to support the success of entrepreneurs
Ecosystem Design
All our coaching programs are designed to ensure optimum engagement between entrepreneurs and stakeholders within the ecosystem that provide money, cost markets and mentorship. This framework allows entrepreneurs to focus on building their businesses!
The Problem
Existing programs were not designed with the individual Entrepreneur or his company’s particular circumstances in mind. They are mostly ad hoc one-size fits all content taught in generic business programs over the short term with no key performance indicators (KPIs) set for participants. Entrepreneurs could not translate these programs into actionable plans for growth.
Our Solution
Personalised and customised coaching coupled with industry driven Key Performance Indicators. Proficeo programs are structured to support the entrepreneur and assist them to acquire skills to manage the challenges of their entrepreneurial journey. Over the past 5 years, we have worked with over 1000 entrepreneurs via our training, coaching and mentoring programs.
Entrepreneur Development Architecture
Governments Agencies provide support mechanisms and facilities for entrepreneurs and SMEs in the form of finance and funding, export assistance and regulatory aid. Our Programs provide a platform for government agencies and entrepreneurs to interact in an environment where support and assistance can be customised to the needs of each venture.
Our Programs
Our programs impart real world experiences on building businesses via high impact and unique knowledge sharing sessions. We have programs for entrepreneurs at various stages of their business life-cycle from IDEA Stage right through to pre-IPO. We focus on the practical implementation of strategies coupled with show-how and experience provided by entrepreneur-coaches.
Our Customers
We have and continue to work with government agencies, private sector and academia in South East Asia and Europe to craft programs that help create sustainable and scalable entrepreneurial ventures.
Scaling Entrepreneurs
Building successful entrepreneurial ventures means scaling the business regionally and globally. With Startups to Scaleups we provide all our participants with a platform to engage with other like-minded Entrepreneurs to scale their business outside their own country. We also enable investors to connect with promising Entrepreneurs for investments within the region.